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Anthony Green - Baby Girl Acoustic tab

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Tabbed By: Chris Schultz

Tuning EADGBe
I didn't put the rhythm up, but if you
listen to the song, and get these down,
then you'll have no hard time with learning the song.
I'm sure its close to 100%

So goodluck, and have fun.

e ---X--------|
B ---12-------|
G ---13-------|
D ---11-------|
A ---0--------|
E ---X--------|

e ---X-----X--|
B ---0-----0--|
G ---9-----8--|
D ---7-----6--|
A ---9-----7--|
E ---X-----X--|

e ---0-----0--|
B ---0-----0--|
G ---6-----9--|
D ---4-----7--|
A ---X-----X--|
E ---X-----X--|

Oh yeah, for those who don't know.
The 'X' means mute the string.


Babygirl, twist away.
When you're talkin to me,
I can't breathe.
Set some time aside to say,
Why don't you stay.
Ten years later, I still feel like a child.

You're the one,
I know you are.

This common feelings ends when you enter.
Not many cigarettes left.
I think I'll wait till you get back,
Till you arrive, to be relieved,
I want to,
I want, I want.

You're the one,
I know you are.

Meredith, I miss you when go anywhere.

Shes so lovely
But she still loves me.
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