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Anti-flag - No Boarders No Nations tab

Tabbed by : Richl182

    #1  #2 #3 #4

#1 x3

#1                         #2                      #1
I always thought if you want to change the world
#3                       #4
Then you have to start with yourself
#2           #4
So if the heads of state want to end terrorism
They should go ahead and kill themselves

#1                      #2                        #1      #2
I will not sign my blind faith away
#3                                             #4
To an unjustly leader of the unjust police state
#1                           #2                         #1      #2
Corporate masters live in their cess pool
OF extreme wealth and excess
Whoa oh

#4    #3   #2     (chorus)
The phrase world leaders
Does not describe the heads of state
Those few in power
Work only for the corporate sake
No action, no interest, no humanity at all
As the corporate towers rise up
They watch the people fall

-same as verse 1 but Palm Muted)
A government run by the corporations of the world
Enslaving mothers, fathers, sons and daughters
Profits put before people
Equal force, equal reaction
equal suppresion, equal intimidation
equal propaganda, equal rebellion


-same as verse 1-
We ve got to make a change
No religions, sexual preference,
and regardless of your race
We ve got to make a change
No war, corporate run
governments, no police state
We ve got to make a change
For the good of the human race

#1 - stumm for these 3 lines
And you still look me in the eye
And you still wonder why
Your citys fucking burn

(x5)No Borders, No nations
No Flags, No Patriots
Whoa Oh Whoa Oh
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