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Antimatter - The Power Of Love chords

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The Cover-Song from Antimatter: "the power of love" like Mick Moss it played on 
the "Live@ An club"

Capo 2nd fret


hm G hm G

hm                               G
     aye   ay   ye    ay   ye   aye   feels like

hm                               G
fire        I'm so in love with you

hm                              G
dreams are like angels    they keep bad at bay (b.a.b)
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hm                         G
love is the light scaring darkness a away ye aaaa

hm                         G
yay   I'm so in love with you ?purge the soul

         make love your go--oal

hm            G                  Asus2              G         Asus2
the power of love a force from above  cleaning my soul

hm               G          
flame on burn desire, love with tongues of

fire purge the soul

 G                   hm
make love       your goal

and so on ...

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