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Anya Marina - Satellite Heart chords

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Satellite Heart - Anya Marina
Chords by Joan's Genius 2009

NOTE: The song is in the key of Db.  If you like, you can play it in the key of D, 
and use D, G & Em instead.  

Verse 1:
Gb               Ebm           Bbm              Gb
  So pretty, so smart, such a waste of a young heart
Gb                    Ebm              Bbm         Gb
  What a pity, what a sham, what's the matter with you, man
Gb                                         Ebm           Bbm            Gb
Don't you see it's wrong, can't you get it right, out of mind and outta sight
Gb                                       Ebm         Bbm             Gb
Call on all your girls, don't forget the boys, put a lid on all that noise

Ebm   Bbm       Gb 
I'm a satellite heart
Ebm         Gb
Lost in the dark
Ebm      Bbm    Gb
I'm spun out so far
Ebm       Gb
You stop, I start
    Ebm             Gb
But I'll be true to you

Verse 3:
              Gb            Ebm            Bbm            Gb
I hear you're living out of state, running in a whole new scene
           Gb               Ebm               Bbm          Gb
They say I haven't slept in weeks, you're the only thing I seek

(repeat Chorus 2x)
   Ebm             Gm
No matter what you do
     Ebm             Gm
Yeah I'll be true to you
Ebm Gm 
oooooooooooooooo (do this 3x)
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