Apollo Sunshine - Singing To The Earth To Thank Her For You chords

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Apollo Sunshine - Singing to the Earth (To Thank Her for You)

transcribed by robertdanielmaher(at)gmail(dot)com

A E B B7

E                        A           F#m
From the moment I first saw you walk away
B  B7     E               A
I knew I would follow forever
        E                A   Amaj7     E
Singing to the earth to thank her for you

F#                       B            C#
You are the one who has made this melody.
    F#                             B C#
In talk the sun the wood it sings oh oh
F#                        B         C#
you are the light that created our life
    F#             B    C#   F#
and so we sing to you, thank you

B  C#  F# x3 (hold on F# the third time)

E A F#m
B B7 E A
E A Amaj7

D F#m E
A D (hold)
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