Apologetix - Every Crown Has Its Thorns chords

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    G    Cadd9  D    Em    C
 Eb -3----3------2----0-----x--|
 Bb -3----3------3----0-----1--|
 Gb -0----0------2----0-----0--|
 Db -0----2------0----2-----2--|
 Ab -2----3------x----2-----3--|
 Eb -3----x------x----0-----0--|

 Intro: G, Cadd9

 Verse 1:

G                                       Cadd9
 We're both like Simon we still live in a state of denial
              G                                    Cadd9
Although we'd both like to go to Heaven, We feel surprised about the trial 
          G                    Cadd9
But the suff'ring Christ did accomplished somethin'
         G                Cadd9
And the worst all turned out right
          D                        C
Go and find out in Hebrews chapter 5 verses 7 through 9
You see

G                   Cadd9
Every crown has its thorns
           G                  Cadd9
Just like every life has its cross
          G      D                 C         G
Just like every choirboy sings some sad, sad songs
Every crown has its thorns ... it does

[Bridge and solo - I just play G-Cadd9-G-Cadd9]

Verse 2:
G                                                  Cadd9
A Christian needs to take his cross, take it up and hit the road
            G                                                  Cadd9
Yeah, 'cause Jesus said lots of times that we should do it and  He should know 
       G          Cadd9           G              Cadd9
But I wonder  as He walked, If He ever felt like quittin'
        D                                          C
Yet I know we wouldn't be here right now if Christ
Took a different road than Calvary 


  Em              D                    C                 G
Though I'm in a trial now, Christ can still feel all my pain.
 Em                 D                           C                   
Like the nails that cut through and bruised Him, Cause the scars  Christ's 
scars remain 

Verse 3:
   G                                                    Cadd9
I know He could have saved His life that night if Christ    chose to run away
G                                  Cadd9
  Instead of takin' off  He chose  To take the narrow way.
             G              Cadd9           G                    Cadd9
And now I'm Heaven bound and born anew, And man I never had that much to lose
    D                                   C
I'm here to bear my cross in life, And to see Him on the other side  because


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