Arcade Fire - Abrahams Daughter tab

this is the closest i could get to. submit your reviews.
e X----------------------X
b X----------------------X
g X----------------------X
d X---------------8------X
a X-----------0-9---8-7--X
e X-0-7-6-9-8------------X

Guitar 1:
e X-0-3-2-5-3-7-5-8-7-3-2-0-X
b X-------------------------X
g X-------------------------X
d X-------------------------X
a X-------------------------X
e X-------------------------X repeat as many times as needed

Guitar 2:
e X-15---15----14---14---12---12---15-15-14-14-X
b X----0----0-----0----0----0----0-------------X
g X--------------------------------------------X
d X--------------------------------------------X
a X--------------------------------------------X
e X--------------------------------------------X repeat as many times as needed

this is my very first tab so its not that good.
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