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Archie Roach - Ive Lied tab

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Iíve Lied Ė Archie Roach
        G                       C            
Sitting here in this lonely old guest house
    G            D            G           G7              
Iím sure that my life is all through
           G                    C          
Scratching fleas and watching a grey mouse
           G           D         G           G7              
Iím making love to the memory of you
        G                      C            
For without you Iím weak and uncertain
    G         D         G           G7              
And I feel so naked and cold
       G                  C                 
Like a window without any curtains
    G        D          G           G7              
My innermost feelings unfold
The drink I just had
                        G       G7                  
It wasnít as bad as the first
And drinking wonít do
                          G        D                
When itís only for you I thirst, I thirst
         G                    C            
For your kiss it quenches all burning
         G                D           G           G7              
And itís sweeter than the sweetest of wine
           G                  C            
Now youíre gone I find myself yearning
        G         D        G           G7              
For the love that I left behind
Nobody can heal 
                       G       G7                  
The pain that I feel inside
And if I said Iím strong
                        G       D         G 
And Iím never wrong Ė I lied, I lied... I lied
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