Area 11 - Knightmare Frame chords

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  What is life but a burden for me
  It comes alive as I try to sleep
All this anger
F                   C
Burning inside but buried deep

Watashi to issho ni kite kudasai
Ichiban, Zero
One step forward and two to the side
F            C
Every single time, whoa

I fall asleep and I feel I'm falling
Nightmare comes without warning (Patricide!)

I can't seem to sleep (The guilt inside!)

I can't stay awake

In my dreams I feel I'm running
Towards her shining light
C                         Am    Dm
Cocooned in steel as you fall, away

Dm                Bb                  C
She shines for me,  she shines for me
            F                  Dm
Just like glass I saw right through
                     Bb                         C
Something I couldn't see, something I couldn't see
         F                  Dm
Until I changed my point of view
             Bb                C
Inside a machine, inside a machine
   A             Dm
I cannot let you go
          Bb            C
Inside of me, inside of me
     A                  Dm
The will to change the world
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