Arlo Guthrie - Alices Restaurant tab

     ALICE'S RESTAURANT - Arlo Guthrie
Tabbed by: Michael Kress

I modeled this tab after Arlo's live performance at the 2005 Farm Aid (on YouTube). This
is the main
part of it, the part most people are interested in, and I couldn't find one that matched
it. I'll
let others be the judge of its accuracy, but I was very picky about about watching his performance
and listening to the notes. The only part that is questionable is the first two measures
of the third
riff - these are hard to hear in the performance, but the Alice's Restaurant album
released in the
'90s is very similar and I got a good read off of that.

On the slide, bar your finger across the first four strings and hold it so you catch the
next note on
the fourth string that comes along. The only real chord shape in here is a C, but it's
very brief,
comes and goes, so I didn't note it. Watch the Farm Aid concert for the chord shapes and changes.

The other playing tip is that the thumb plays 4, 5 and 6 strings as you'd expect, and
they are all standard quarter notes, so this is the bass/rhythm line. When I was figuring
out this tab I worked out the bass line first, then the rest of it. Might help you to do 
the same to learn it.

Would love feedback on it, especially the third riff if you think Arlo does it differently.

Standard E Tuning, Capo on II

e||-----------------|| -0---------0-----|-----5---3p0-----|-----------0-----|
B||-----0---1---3---|| ---------4-----1/|-2---------------|---0-1---0-------|
A||---------0---2---|| -3---------------|-0---------------|-----------------|
E||-----3-----------|| ---------3-------|---------0-------|-2-------3-------|




|----------------- ||
|-----0---1---3--- ||
|---------0---2--- ||
|-----3----------- ||


   /    slide up
   p    pull-off

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