Armand Mirpour - I Am A Volcano chords

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Intro: G#, Cm, Fm, C#

G#                           Cm
Hey baby what you doing over there?
Cm                         Fm                       C#
Don't you know you go over here, play with me for a while?
G#                             Cm
Hey babe, what's up with your despair?
Cm               Fm                                 C#    
Look me in the eyes, there's so much that we could share, share
 Bbm          Cm            C#        Cm
She says you don't belong, and I say baby
Bbm                     Cm        C#  Eb  
There's something that you need to know, know,

       G#      G#/G       Fm
I am a volcano, oh, oh, oh, oh
Fm        C#                Eb
And I'm burning with power inside
                  G#     G#/G       Fm
Cause I am made of fire, oh, oh, oh, oh
        C#            Eb
And I'll never let you down
Cause I am a volcano
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