Arrogant Worms - Tokyo Loves Ong chords

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         C                  G
I had a love that was so bright.
            Am                F
I used to dream of her each night
          C          G          Am        F
and then rush to her side every morning.
          C        G                
I had her all to myself 
          Am            F
we never noticed anyone else
          C             G     C          C7
we didn't even hear the radio warnings

    Dm          G                         C      C/B      Am
Our love was no joke you know it was the talk of downtown Tokyo
        F        G      C               C7
We'd be happy forever I promised her
     Dm           G                   C       C/B       Am
Then just as I proposed her feet were made to touch her nose
           Dm           D        G                  
as she was crushed by a Japanese monster
G                      G7
Ah, ah , Ah AAAAAAHHHH Godzilla

    C           G
Our love was so true
        Am               F
but now she's three foot two
        C          G          Am       F
and she used to be five foot eleven
    C             G                
her death was unintentional 
    Am              F
but now she's two dimensional 
   C        G        C         C7
my angel is truly in heaven

          Dm               G
She's the one I'd kiss and hug 
              C       C/B    Am
'till she was crushed like a bug
             F             G       C            C7
I guess it's hard to see a monster above you.
               Dm                 G               C         C/B    Am
She said she'd save her heart for me but now it's there for all to see
        Dm            D         G        
and her last words to me were I AAAHH


        F         C
She was young and sweet
              Dm          C      
but now she's part of the street
      F                C
and I want to have her back
        Dm                         G   
so I'll get a putty knife so I can scrape her from the crack

(whispered) Oh, you might need a wire brush


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