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Arrogant Worms - My Voice Is Changing tab

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Last night when I went to bed with tangled hair upon my head
In every way I really was a kid

It happened without warning when I woke up in the morning
I can't tell you just what happened but it did
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I grew six inches in one day it's painful when it goes that way
And now my skinny body's really aching
And my skin just exploded with an inch of oil it's loaded
        G                               C
It's so greasy you could fry a pound of bacon

   F                 C
My voice is changing out of thin air
    G                                    C
And body parts that once were smooth are growing bits of hair
   F                 C
My voice is changing what does it mean
  G                                      C
I guess I'll be a real man before I turn 13
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