As Animals - Ghost Gunfighters chords

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As Animals - Ghost Gunfighters (tabbed by Loyl)

(Power) Chords:
Db  X466XX
E   X799XX
E*  121414XXX
A   577XXX
Ab  X111313XX
Eb  111313XXX
B   X244XX
F#  244XXX

|: Db |   E  -  A |   E*  | Ab - Eb :|

Verse 1
Db                     E  -  A
I never see your crazy face
E*                              Ab - Eb
Smiling, laughing, screaming my name (like that)
Db                          E  -  A
Suddenly your eyes disappear in the night 
E*              Ab - Eb
I run as fast as i can 

Pre chorus
It's strange x3
E                  A
Where is the love that you have
Instead x3
E               A
As if it was missing from your heart 
It's more than I can bear
F#                A
It can't be real too strange for me 

Db  A      F#    B      
I    see   ghost gun fighters (x2)

Oh oh oh 
Db       E
Oh oh oh

Verse 2
I feel my body falling deep 
Nothing to catch me when i sleep
The fever and hallucinations tonight
Brought me to the eternal dark

Pre chorus
      Same as first pre-chorus

      Same as first Chorus
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