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Ash - Shining Light tab

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                                                            SHINING LIGHT


My first ever tab and I've only been learning guitar for a month or so, so don't be too 

I think its capo 7 but I find it easier to sing on capo 4.  Do whatever floats your boat.

Each verse follows the same pattern like so:

\s/ = slide

e |-x-x-x--x-x - x - x-x--x-x--x-x-x-o-o-x|
b |-x-o-o--o-1\s/3\s/1-o--o-x--o-x-x-1-1-3|
g |-x-o-o--o-o - o - o-o--o-x--o-o-o-o-o-o|
d |-x-o-o--o-2\s/4\s/2-o--o-o--2-2-2-2-2-o|
a |-x-2-2--2-3\s/5\s/3-2--2-o--2-3-3-x-x-2|
E |-3-3-3--3-o - o - o-3--3-2--o-o-o-x-x-3|

And finish the verse like so:
e |-x-x-x-2-2-3|
b |-o-o-x-3-3-o|
g |-o-o-x-2-2-o|
d |-2-2-o-o-o-o|
a |-2-2-2-x-x-2|
E |-o-o-3-x-x-3|

Play this every verse.  I'm not sure how to tab the verse that starts with "These are 
days you often say" though.  Sorry.


For the chorus just play this series of chords:

[Chords needed]
G     - 320003
D     - xx0232
C     - 032010
Cadd9 - 032030
Dsus  - xx0233

G           D
We made a connection
  C                  D
A full on chemical reaction
           Cadd9            D
Brought by dark divine intervention
      Dsus              D
Yeah, you are a shining light
  G             D
A constellation once seen
C                  D
Over Royal David's city
    Cadd9               D
An epiphany you burn so pretty
      Dsus              D
Yeah, you are a shining light

Hope that's useful to someone =)

Comments appreciated.
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