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Aska - There Are Many Of Us tab

I've posted a seperate tab with just the chords
for when you've mastered the picking pattern.
This was not tabbed by me, it was given to me by
a very nice Youtuber by the name of eimead

Oh and the "C" in the chorus, not actually a C
but its just index finger on D second fret,
second finger on A third fret and
third finger on high E third fret.
If anyone knows the name of that please let me know.

Intro - G

first part, G chord, played 4 times for the line "when i turn, turn away, i want to"
6th E -----3---------------------------------------------------|
5th A---------2----2----2--------------------------------------|
4th D -----------0---------------------------------------------|
3rd G-----------------0----------------------------------------|
2nd B----------------------------------------------------------|
1st E----------------------------------------------------------|

Then a C chord, played twice for the line "know, you will be"
6th E ---------------------------------------------------------|
5th A--------3-------------------------------------------------|
4th D ----------2---2------2-----------------------------------|
3rd G-------------------0--------------------------------------|
2nd B-------------1--------------------------------------------|
1st E----------------------------------------------------------|

then the weird D chord, played twice for the end of the line "there"
6th E --------------------------------------------------------|
5th A---------------------------------------------------------|
4th D --------0-----------------------------------------------|
3rd G-----------2---2-----------------------------------------|
2nd B-------------1------1------------------------------------|
1st E-------------------2-------------------------------------|

C chord played 4 times
6th E ----------------------------------------------------------|
5th A---------3-------------------------------------------------|
4th D -----------2-----2----2-----------------------------------|
3rd G-----------------------------------------------------------|
2nd B---------------0----0--------------------------------------|
1st E----------------3----3-------------------------------------|

then G chord 4 times
6th E --------3------------------------------------------------|
5th A------------2-----2----2----------------------------------|
4th D ---------------------------------------------------------|
3rd G----------------------------------------------------------|
2nd B---------------0----0-------------------------------------|
1st E----------------3----3------------------------------------|

then at 2:45 she plays an E minor chord twice like this
6th E --------0------------------------------------------------|
5th A------------2----2----2-----------------------------------|
4th D ---------------------------------------------------------|
3rd G----------------------------------------------------------|
2nd B---------------0---0--------------------------------------|
1st E----------------3---3-------------------------------------|

then she just goes back to the C chord in the chorus.
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