Ataris - Fast Times At Dropout High chords

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Standard tuning

For F in Intro, Verse and Outro play an open F and play around with the G-string

F              Dm
Alone at last. just Nostalgia and I
Bb      C              F
we were sure to have a blast.
F              Dm
for you it was just another sunday
Bb   C             F
in a small indiana town.

A      Bb                 F
I went by the place where you and I
          C            A
wrote our names in wet cement
          Bb                F         
and for a moment remembered how it felt
        C             Bb                    C                       
to have no one understand that there's this dream
A               D C         Bb  C             F
and they're not part of it. how soon we do forget.

F                  Dm                     Bb
the house was gone but the piano lingers on
                C         F                 
and so does the fire that burned it to the ground.
F                 Dm                           Bb
you can take away all of my rights to see the day
but you can't take away my love for the day.

Dm                   F       
then there's the time that you took me aside
Bb                           F
and said I was not your only son, childhood is so fucked up.
Dm          F
I never had any closer friends
Bb                       F
than the ones I had when I was young, alone again 
Bb           C  A         D        C
just you and i. Nostalgia wave goodbye.
I think it's time for me to go.

Slow part with the clip from Good Will Hunting
4x F, B, F, B 

D, C, B Repeat til end
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