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Ataris - In This Diary tab

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The Ataris
In This diary
So Long Astoria
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Key: G# or Ab

There are 2 ways to play this song, key of G# without a capo and key of G with a capo
for the beginners. Since Kris vocalist/guitarist Roe is a left handed, he still play the
handed guitar but upside down. Only a few can do what he does because he plays similar 
Jimi Hendrix. Most left handed guitarists are rearranging the strings in reverse and it's
time consuming. Kris Roe is really the man!!! he's fucking talented!!!

If you found mistakes on the chords, don't hesitate to comment or email me, I'll respect

Chords used: without a capo, Power Chords
G#5  - 466xxx
Eb5  - x688xx
C#5  - x466xx
C#M7 - x465xx
Bb5 -  x133xx
F5 -   133xxx

Chords used: with a capo on 1st fret, key of G
G -   320033
D -   xx0232
C -   x32010
CM7 - x32000
Am -  x02210
Em -  022000

Intro: G#5--Eb5--C#5-C#M7-C#5-C#M7

Verse 1:
F5                  Eb5                        G#5
  Here in this diary I write you visions of my summer
It was the best I ever had
           F5                          Eb5                      C#5
There were choruses and singalongs And that unspoken feeling of knowing
           C#M7            C#5    C#M7
That right now is all that matters
F5                            Eb5                  G#5
  All the nights we stayed up talking Listening to 80's songs
            C#5                                 F5
And quoting lines from all those movies That we know
         Eb5                  C#5-C#M7-C#5-C#M7
It still brings a smile to my face

Refrain 1:
Bb5                     C#5
  I guess when it comes down to it

F5          Eb5      G#5            C#5
Being grown up isn't half as fun as growing up
F5              Eb5              C#5  C#M7
  These are the best days of our lives
    F5              Eb5             G#5            C#5
The only thing that matters is just following your heart
     F5               Eb5            G#5
And eventually you'll finally get it right

Post Chorus: G#5--Eb5--

Verse 2:
F5                    Eb5                               G#5
  Breaking into hotel swimming pools And wreaking havoc on our world
        C#5                                 F5
Hanging out at truck stops Just to pass the time
               Eb5            C#5-C#M7-C#5-C#M7
The black tops singing me to sleep
F5                      Eb5                         G#5
  Lighting fireworks in parking lots Illuminate the blackest nights
        C#5                             F5
Sharing cokes under this moonlit summer sky
     Eb5                             C#5-C#M7-C#5-C#M7
2015 Riverside, it's time to say goodbye

Refrain 2:
Bb5          C#5
  Get on the bus, it's time to go

(Repeat Chorus and post chorus)

On Chorus 2, you will hear the 2nd guitar playing like this

       C#5  F5---Eb5       C#5
Get it right        Get it right

(Repeat chorus except last line)

     F5               Eb5            C#5-C#M7
And eventually you'll finally get it right

(Repeat chorus except last line)

     F5               Eb5            C#5(hold)
And eventually you'll finally get it right
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