Audrey Assad - By This Fire chords

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Capo On first

D                G
Wrench from me desire
D               G
Lord ignite my fire
        G              Bm                 A
Until I burn, until I give it all up for You
         G                   Bm          A
Until I do what Youíve been asking me to
D                      G
Cause You deserve much more
D                    G
Than what Iím living for
            G               Bm         A
So give me passion that is raging and wild
              G              Bm              A
Untouched by pride with joy alight and purified

G        Bm           A
Left behind by this fire
D                       G
Are ashes lifeless and grey
G         Bm          A
But underneath lies desire
               D                                 G
That You have placed there to bloom through the pain
          Bm        A              G
To bring honor and praise to Your name

D               G
You deserve no less
D                     G
Than my heartís brokenness
          G          Bm          A
Until I burn like a star in the sky
              G                Bm            A
To give you Praise, life Your name, to glorify


Bm   A     G   D            G
You have told me I have no shame.
    Bm    A     G  D          G            A
So wrench me, mold me until I glorify Your name
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