Audrey Assad - Everything Is Yours chords

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Hi Guys! This is probably my favourite song by Audrey Assad. I actually worked it out on
piano, which it is actually played on in the original song, but it sounds just as nice
on guitar, especially once you get the strumming pattern right. Listen to her version on 
youtube or whatever to get the order and whatever else you may need. Good luck, and
ENJOY!! :)

Am F G x2

Am           F              C    G
When all the world is blossoming.
Am       F                C             G
And everything around, is bursting into life.
           Am         F               G
And I dont have to strain to hear the beat of your heart.
         Am          F     G
Oh-oh-oh-oh oh-oh-oh-oh oh-oh

(same as the first)
When all the world is under fire,
And skies are threatening, to thunder and rain.
And I am overcome by fears that I cant see
Oh-oh-oh-oh (again)

   Am   F        C    G
If everything is yours
Am   F        C    G
Everything is yours
     Am   F        G
Yeah everything is yours,
              F                               Am F
Im letting it go, it was never mine to hold.
C   G                 Am F G
No, it was never mine

Who could command the stars to sing
Or hold the raging seas, from breaking through the doors
And tend the fragile roses with the very same hands.
(Oh bit)x2


finish on G
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