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Aunt Martha - Consulata chords

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Tuning: Standard
Capo on 3rd

B/C= x20010 G7/A= 300010 G= 320000

G // F7 // C
Aunt Martha || Consulata 


Am // (Am, B/C, C) C // (C, B/C, G) G // (G, G7/A, F7) F7

Take me back 10,000 days
To the years when growing old was just a phase
Sit me down and set me straight
Dont believe a single word I say


Cos I think Im heading to place up north
I got my ticket but I still aint sure
I got to clean my head up, get my body right
I spend all day hiding in between my walls
Sure am trying and I aint my fault,
Clean my head up and off into the night

Spent the week in black and blue
Iv come to terms but theyve been far and few
Iv mumbled words to rolling Is (not right at all just vaguely what it sounds like, please correct)
Iv stared at ceilings scared to die


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