Austin Britnell - The Marine chords

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The marine
no capo DONT PLAY THE E STRING WITH ANY CHORD! Chords played the same throughout entire song
Dsus              G/C                  G
theyre he sat down with his boots on and tied
gun strapped around his back with tears in his eyes
staring at a picture of his wife and his son
in two more days he’ll be back with both of them

gun fire crossed the streets as he sat there in his hole
the bullet wound in his chest was no match for his soul
gave his life for all 10 men, a true marine he was
as his eyes grew dim he smiled because

hes goin homeeeeeeeeee
goin homeeeeee

Theyre she sat down with her necklace in her hand
the one he gave to her before he left to Iran
staring its glimmer, the luxery and the shine
the gift of her marine is a gift of divine

hes comin homeeeeeeeeeeeeee
comin hommmeeeeeeeeeeee
comin home 
comin home

theyre she sat down, her necklace in her hand
tears dropped upon his grave as she buried it in the land
as the 21 shots sounded off a picture laid lifeless
she picked it up all it read was this

im comin hommmeeeeeeee
comin homeeeeeeeeee
 comin home 
comin home
im comin hommmeeeeeeee
comin homeeeeeeeeee
 comin home 
comin home
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