Austin Mahone - What About Love chords

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None of the other tabs i saw for this song sounded good so here's what i came up sounds ok to me.

standard tuning, no capo

Verse 1:
  Dm                      Am                         
 I-I, I'm feeling your thunder, 
                      Em                       F
the storm's getting closer, this rain is like fire.

  Dm                      Am
 My-y, my world's going under, 

                Em                                     F
and i can't remember, the reason that you cut off the line,

                   Dm           G                             Em     Em
I'm moving on you say, here i stay, i'll take this pain yeah i can, i can

                Am                     Dm                 G                  
but what about love, what about our promises, what about love, you take it 

  Em                                   Am                        Dm       
all and leave me nothing, what about love, what about us to the end, what 

        G             Em                                   Am  -  Am - Am
about love, you cut my wings now i am falling, what about love.

Verse 2: same as verse 1



Bridge: slow pre-chorus, 1 strum each

thanks, enjoy
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