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Automatic Loveletter - Cant Move On Acoustic tab

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Capo 2

EM,                        C
You build a heart that's strong
                           AM G    F
Walls to last long - it's paper mache
You think the battle's won
No use for shields and guns
       AM     G     F
You'll need them now

EM, D, AM, G, F, X2

That the lump takes a home in your throat

With the words that you're choking

As you try to tell yourself it's okay

Flying by time to gaze but never face

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You're stuck in the moment
When you thought you were rolling,
         EM    D    C
But you can't move on
You feel like your able
To love past the moment
         EM   D     A
But you can't move on
Cadd9             EM D
Asking why, asking why
      Cadd9   EM    D      EM
Why I can't move on 

C, D, EM, F
C              D
Incomplete and stereotypical reaction
EM                 F              
I can't get over, over, over you
C                           D
This is how the story goes, glory in the moment
EM                       F        C
Won't let you go, won't let, you can't move on
D                           EM        F
Cant move on, can't move on, oh, I can't move on
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