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Autopsy - Twisted Mass Of Burnt Decay tab

-AUTOPSY - TWISTED MASS OF BURNT DECAY from the "Mental Funeral" CD (c) 1991 Vile Music
-Transcribed by Chris Myhre. Version 1.4 Feb 2000 (ver 1.3b July 97)
-For questions, corrections, etc email me:
-For best print edit the left/right margins in page setup to make the tab fit the sheet
-Tuning: two steps down (1:C, 2:G, 3:D#, 4:A#, 5:F, 6:C)
-Notation legend: / = slide up; \ = slide down; " = tremolo pick
2>|-------------------|----------------2nd time: x2-----------------------|
3>|-------------------|---------------------------|-----------------------| gtr 1 & 2
4>|---5--4-----4/5-4--|---------------------------|-----------------------| x2


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