Avantasia - Another Angel Down chords

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Another Angel Down - Avantasia


Bass: D
I am the master of the game
that s made a fool you
I m watching from the highest tower
You got the aura to enchant them - and a symphony

F                  C
And I have got the power
You better taste - they call it life: my special area
I'm breeding winners over there
Ain't it a sin to turn your back.
D                     F
on what you re given 
                          C    F
It s time to take your share
                     C                          D
God left me for dead - I've been turning my head
              A#                   F
Away from the living - the time has come
                C                         A#
To gamble for gain - To tear down the gate
And see what's inside

We rock the ball
Been smashed to the ground
Arose from devotion
       C#                         F
To take a look and see what is inside
               D#     C#           G# 
Sight of the crown: Another angel down

We rock the ball
Iím facing my pain
With a rage and a symphony
Driven by the wounds I cannot hide
                 D#    C#           G#
Rise above the crowd: another angel down

Repeat again the same chords for the verse and for the chorus.

Solo 1: C#/ A#/ (D#/F#)/ (D#/F#)/ C#/ (C/ A#) 
Solo 2: A/ E/ A#/ F
Solo 3: D/ F/ A#/ C 

Chorus again and rift

Tab by :SoulofEdge
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