Avenged Sevenfold - Until The End chords

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ntro: F#m    F#    D    D – Bm – (x2) C#/F


               Bm                   F#m
We meet; drink 'till trouble found us there

E                      D
Living life as without a care

(Without a care)

F#m                   E                               A
    We've had our fights, been black and blue

            Bm                             F#m
It's true; I've even gone to jail for you my friends

E                          D
Bet your life that I'd do it again

 E           C#/F
(Until the end)



                      E       Bm
We're from the same story

F#m                       D
Life moves on, can't stay the same

                   E            Bm
But some of us, some worry

Interlude 1: F#m    F#    D    D – Bm –

F#m                       E                           A
    While some have gone their separate ways

                          Bm                                 F#m
There's some still caught up with the past instead

                             E                             D
But move on, you're missing most of your life (Life)

F#m                 E                      A
    They say it's hard to stay the same




                        Bm                                F#m
When some fail, while other men seem to gain, but friends

    E                          D
I'll be with you here until the end

  E           C#/F
 (Until the end)

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( + ) :

F#m                C#/F
We're all falling forward

                    C#  D
With no signs of   slow

       F#m             C#/F
And some moving faster


        F#m –
I wanted

Interlude 2: C# - D - Bm – D - C# - |

F#m – C# - D - Bm – D - C# - (x3)

       F#m –
You know it's hard

     E –
It's passing by

    A –

     Bm –
Be out all night

    F#m        –        E        –
To reminisce won’t bring you back

       A          –         Bm     –
Just look ahead and hold on tight

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Interlude 3: C#/F – C# - D – |

F#m - C#/F – C# - D – (x3)


        F#m                        C5               D5
Don't change the way you think of me…

     E5      B5
Oh yeah…

*B5 - C5              C5 - B5
     Until the end

B5 - C5              C5 - B5
    Until the end

B5 - C5              C5 - B5
    Until the end

B5 - C5                                B5
    Until the end yeah, yeah… yeah…

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