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Avi Buffalo - One Last chords

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G                  Em
There's one last song
It's been so long
Since I've been true
G            Em
There is no way
To erase
What I said

I make my way
Through my old days
And I'd come
Over to ask you what's wrong
And why you seem like
You've been counting
All the meltdowns
You've been having
G              Em
Don't feel so bad,
        Am             D
I once had work like yours
G              Em
When it came time,
       Am              Bm
I'd decide what went first


Please take you time,
Don't unwind
This too soon

There won't be love
So untamed
With us, too


Don't try to be comical,
There's no one in here
Who can teach me about the set
And they control the stage,
And there's no order, got no borders,
They arrived without a call,
Their mistakes are my fault
Acquainted self with architects
Who laid down plans
To build a wall between us
Have you seen us?
It ain't pretty.

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