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Azure Ray - New Resolution chords

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Hi! I went into this song very blindly. There's probably a LOT of room for 
correction. Let me know if you have ANY suggestions. The guitar is played very 
quietly and faintly in this song. I let my voice be the main focus when I play it, 
making the guitar hushed until the chorus. Enjoy!

I play C* like this in the verse. It looks like this:


*No Capo needed, but feel free to get creative if you want!*


C* , G , Am , Em


           C* G         Am       Em                          C*  G
Follow blind.  Heavy eyes hold position. You're right on time. 

          Am      Em      
It was a lucky prediction.


      Am       Em                 G        C
Move on, move on. It's like the clock is pacing.

     Am       Em            G         C
The break of dawn and our hearts are racing. 

      Am       Em          G (one strum)
Move on, move on there's nothing changing.

*Repeat Verse and Chorus*

-Thanks! Lots of love!
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