Azure Ray - These White Lights Will Bend To Make Blue chords

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Hi! Azure Ray makes my heart smile in the toughest of times! This is one of my 
favorites to play! Enjoy!

*No Capo needed, but get creative if you want!*


G                           Em                               Am             C
Drive away. Just get on the interstate and slip through this closing gate.

                    G                            Em
Pulled in to this cheap hotel. I called just to wish you well.

You said "Don't let love break you down." Well, just show me how

and let me never be broken.


G            Em           C            G                Em           C
Tomorrow, a new point of view. These white lights will bend to make blue.

               Am              C
Now, this can all look new to you.

Instrumental Break:

G , Em , C , G , Em , C , Am , C

*Repeat Verse & Chorus*

- Thank you! Lots of love!
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