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Azure Ray - Raining In Athens tab

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Raining in Athens  Azure Ray

D   Bm   F#m   Bm

D                      Bm
still, i think of you, baby
    F#m                     Bm
and how i grew old with you then
         D                     Bm
and this summer, you'll call - maybe
    F#m                   Bm
and act as if we were old friends
      D                  Bm
you'd say, "how are you, baby?"
    F#m                   Bm
i'd say, "it's raining in athens."
                D        Bm  F#m  B
it's raining in athens
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            D                Bm
and to this day, i nurse the fever
       F#m             Bm
that's spoiled my poor heart
        D                    Bm
and i've mastered the art of dealing
         F#m                  Bm
slipping away without falling apart
             D                  Bm
so when this summer, you call - maybe
    F#m          Bm
and ask how i've been
         D                 Bm
i can be honest and answer plainly
         F#m               Bm
"since november, it's been raining."
                D        Bm  F#m  Bm
it's raining in athens

D  Bm  F#m  Bm
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