Backstreet Boys - One Phone Call chords

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Backstreet Boys

"One Phone Call"

F                       C
Hard to believe it it's almost a year since
Dm                 Bb
I got to hold you, head on my shoulder
F                     C
Dodging the daylight, taking the blame I
Dm                   Bb
It's all I got left, so lately I've spent

F                           Am
Every single night like its 25 to life
Dm                                    Bb
And this sentence I've been living is alone and unforgiven
F                                 Am
And I'm guilty as charged cause I went and broke your heart
Dm                               Bb
But even I've got rights, you're always gonna be my

F    C                        Dm   Bb
One, always be my one phone call
      F      C                        Dm   Bb
All I want, all I need is one phone call
                    F              C
I'm gonna leave my message at the tone
                Dm               Bb
Begging pretty baby please come home
                 F     C                        Dm   Bb
Cause you're my one, always be my one phone call


So let me make my case
     Bb                      F
That way you won't erase the message
          A              Bb 
That I'm leaving for you now
           F                C
But if you do at least you knew

(Chorus) x2

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