Bacon Brothers - Guess Again chords

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I just head this song and searched all over for a decent chart. I couldn't find 
one so here is my interpretation of this terrific tune.

Guess again - Bacon Brothers

Am                                             G
They were drunk and they were angry, they were big as they could be
              F                                    Am
And they were hell bent and determined to kick the Yankee out of me
Am                                        G
Insulted me they called me names and they would not let me pass
D                         F
... Oh those Redneck boys... they left me no choice
B7                          BREAK
... I had to kick some ass!
        E                  F#m     A                                  E
Guess a-gain! Must've been dreamin... Truth is I turned high tail and ran
E                              F#m     A                             E  
Guess again! Oh I must've been dreamin. Dreamin I was much more of a man
Well you know that I am six foot three
But did you know that I'm part Cherokee
G                        D
... Oh I'm a major hunk! ... Have you ever seen me dunk?
D                                      F
And you know that I'm a Spanish dancer .. I'm workin on my cure for cancer
G                            B7                                BREAK
... I drive a supersonic car ... And I'm a rock and roll star!
        E                    F#m
Guess a-gain! Must have been dreamin'
A                                E
Maybe I've just got way too much time
        E                          F#m
Guess a-gain! Oh, I must have been dreamin'
A                            E
... Since when is dreamin' a crime?
              Am                            G
You see I was burstin' with desire, I was a boy of just thirteen
           F                                Am
She was an old friend of the family's and a local beauty queen
Am                                       G
And then we found ourselves alone in the middle of the day
D                           F
... She took me to her room ... She took me to the moon
B7                              BREAK
... She took my innocence away!
        E                    F#m      A                             E
Guess a-gain! Must have been dreamin'... Truth is she never noticed me.
        E                          F#m
Guess a-gain! Oh, I must have been dreamin' 
         A                            E
But it's so much sweeter than re-al-i-ty
Well, you know I'm not afraid of pain
But did you know that I wrote fire and rain?
G                                  D
... Workin' on my seventh book, Oh yeah, I'm a gourmet cook
D                                           F
..I speak fluent French you know I've got a big black belt in Tae Kwon Do
G                           B7                            BREAK
... And I'm a PHD of course ... and I'm hung like a horse!
        E                    F#m
Guess a-gain! Must have been dreamin'
A                                         E
... Sometimes all these dreams are like a curse
        E                          F#m
Guess a-gain! Oh, I must have been dreamin
A                                               E
Guess you're gonna have to sit through one more verse
           Am                              G
You see we booked this downtown cabaret my brother and the boys
   F                                   Am
We came to sing some rock and roll and make a little noise
        Am                     G
But the audience ignored us no matter what we played
D                           F
... We tore our souls apart ... and I sang out my heart
B7                                BREAK
... They laughed and turned away
    D                             C
But then we sang this very tune a-bout my dreams that don't come true
G                                 D
... whoa, their jaws just dropped ... and you know the laughing stopped
     D                                     F
They seemed to hang on every word like the finest song they'd ever heard
     G                                     A
They rose as one and roared their love the angels joined in from above
   Bm                                 G
We saw the light we found the cure an end to hate ... an end to war
B7                                 BREAK and BANTER
... The crowd called out for more
        E                    F#m
Guess a-gain! Must have been dreamin'
A                                                  E
... It's the only thing in life that's left that's free
        E                          F#m
Guess a-gain! Oh, I must have been dreamin'
Dreamin's always worked pretty well, 
Dreamin's always worked pretty darn well
A                                       E
Dreamin's always worked pretty well for me-ee-ee.
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