Bad Religion - God Song Acoustic chords

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This is off a reissue of New Maps Of Hell.

Intro: (Kinda Fast)

Em - C - Em - D - Bm   x2

Em   G6  Em             C       Em
And did those feet in ancient times
Em/G     D         Bm           Em
trod on America's pastures of green?
Em   G6      Em       C       Em  Em/G
And did that anthropocentric god wane
              D           Bm          Em
with their thoughts and beliefs all unseen?
Em/G           D                                    Em C Em
I don't think so, he's up there with the others lying low,
Em/G         D        Bm
vying with those who you've traded
                         Em C Em D Bm - Em C Em
your life to bless your soul,
Em   G6        Em   C          Em
and have they told you how to think,
 Em/G                 D           Bm  Em
cleansed your mind of sepsis and autonomy?
Em   G6      Em           C    Em
or have you escaped from scrutiny,
 Em/G           D           Bm   Em
and regaled yourself with depravity?
Em/G        D
now we all see, "religion is just synthetic
Em        C Em  Em/E Em/G D      Bm
frippery,       unnecessary in our expanding
             G   G/F#  Em
global cultural efficiency"


Em/G        D
now we all fear this impasse
                        Em C Em
we have built to our future?
Em/E Em/G  D   Bm
ever so near,
                  Em - C - Em - D - Bm   x3
and oh so austere

end with Em.
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