Bad Religion - My Poor Friend Me chords

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Am         F
I know a man
                 G              Am
Who doesn't have many friends
I know a place he lives
          G                 Em
Where trouble never ends
Am            F
I know its hard for him
    G                    Am
To read 'tween the lines
           Em                               Am
And his days are getting so much shorter

Am          F
He simply turns away
      G                Am
And dons a bitter frown
His world is crumbling
     G                      Em
His ship is weighted down
Am           F
He doesn't care
               G                     Am
As long as he can wear the crown
   Em                         Am
I know this man all too well
          F              G
Its my poor friend me
        Em                           Am
A portrayal of the great dichotomy

(a reminder of a tragic history)
          F               G
Its my poor friend me
           Em                Am
And I'm running out of steam
I know there are people
Who are cynical and vain
They point their finger
'cuz they can't accept the blame
They live their lives
Under a blanket of shame and their progeny
Crawl from underneath it

Lately I've come
To see the solution
      G    F     Em   Am
And it begins with me
F                        Am
But I'm so fallibly human
I've picked the lock
But will not turn the key

Of people running scared
We live, breathe and die
Off to a world, our time is slipping on by
We have solutions, but don't even try
And I feel I know just who to blame 
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