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Badly Drawn Boy - Road Movie tab

Artist: Badly Drawn Boy with Doves
Track : Road Movie
Album : No idea, I just found it searching the net.

By the way, the guitar in this song is all palm muted.

               Riff 1                               Riff 2
E-|-7-7-------------------------7-|  E-|-5-5-------------------------5-|
A-|-----7-9---7-9---7-9---7-8-9---|  A-|-----5-7---5-7---5-7---5-6-7---|
D-|---------7-----9-----7---------|  D-|---------5-----7-----5---------|
G-|-------------------------------|  G-|-------------------------------|
B-|-------------------------------|  B-|-------------------------------|
E-|-------------------------------|  E-|-------------------------------|

Also, The Verse consists of Riff 1 and 2 being played back and forth, 2x each while the
Chorus is just Riff 2 being played in the background while the bass takes over.
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