Ball Park Music - Its Nice To Be Alive chords

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                   It's Nice To Be Alive (Acoustic)- Ball Park Music 
My first tab! I saw a lot of tabs floating that just used basic chords and didn't 
really hit the chords exactly in the song. These chords transcribed are what I'm very 
certain Sam plays on acoustic guitar, also the 
original song uses a capo over the first frets. Enjoy!


G major:     Dadd4:     Em7:      Em:        C major:    D major:     D7:

e|---3       e|---3     e|---3    e|---0     e|---0      e|---2       e|---2
B|---3       B|---3     B|---3    B|---0     B|---1      B|---3       B|---1
G|---0       G|---2     G|---0    G|---0     G|---0      G|---2       G|---2
D|---0       D|---0     D|---2    D|---2     D|---2      D|---0       D|---0
A|---2       A|---0     A|---2    A|---2     A|---3      A|---X       A|---X
E|---3       E|---2     E|---0    E|---0     E|---X      E|---X       E|---X

Cmaj9/B:     Am:        Cmaj7/G:  B11no5:      

e|---0       e|---0     e|---0    e|---0
B|---1       B|---1     B|---0    B|---0
G|---0       G|---2     G|---0    G|---2
D|---0       D|---2     D|---2    D|---1
A|---2       A|---0     A|---3    A|---2
E|---X       E|---X     E|---3    E|---X



G     C, [ch]Cmaj9/B[/ch], Am, Cmaj7/G      D      D7

G, Dadd4, Em7, Em, C, D7

[Verse] G, C, [ch]Cmaj9/B[/ch], Am, Cmaj7/G, D, D7

G                                 C        [ch]Cmaj9/B[/ch]     Am       Cmaj7/G
Boring as bat-shit you people     make     me          feel     so 

D                            D7
Curious and I don't know why You think you'll end up in the sky 

G                                 C        [ch]Cmaj9/B[/ch]     Am       Cmaj7/G
Happy as Larry and riding         sheep    on          clouds,  well, 

D                           D7
I'd prefer your enthusiasm, while you're here with me


[Bridge] G, B11no5, Am, D, D7

   G                          B11no5
So stop! Don't get carried  a-way

Am                                D             D7
Darlin' don't you understand that every time we wave our hands

      G                     B11no5
We're cool. We're fucking a-mazing

We dropped down from some other dimension,
D               D7
Just to be with you


[Chorus] -  G, Dadd4, Em7, Em, C, D7

Don't stress

That's dumb

Em7  Em            C          D7
I'm here, and it's nice to be alive

Chill out,

It's alright

Em7   Em
Kiss me,

It's nice to be alive


[Verse 2]

G                             C          [ch]Cmaj9/B[/ch]    Am     Cmaj7/G
Lovers need lovers and I'm im-pressed    by         all    the 
goods out on display
I don't know what to say
G                             C          [ch]Cmaj9/B[/ch]     Am    Cmaj7/G
I'm thinking, I'm thinking, Waaoooo-oooh!
I'd prefer your enthusiasm, 
While you're here with me







     C           D7
It's nice to be alive
     C           D7
It's nice to be alive
     C           D7         G
It's nice to be a-liiiiiive
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