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Ball Park Music - Harbour Of Lame Ducks chords

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Harbour of Lame Ducks  Ball Park Music

A(4)    Dm(4)  G(4) G(4)      (on 4th beat of 2nd G chord a G# note is played)

[Verse 1]

A              Dm                G     G
Broken cones I hide and hang my eyes
I make my last move in the violent skies
I'm horny, hungry, hopeful for your hand
A plastic bag's no suitcase for my mind


Am(4)                  Dm(4)                  
Harbour of lame ducks, tiny little group of us  
F*(4)                   C(2) - C/B(2)
Turning your hearts to mush
Am(4)                  Dm(4)                  
I was happy when I scored straight off the backboard 
F(4)               C(2) - C/B(2)     A  (4)     A(4)
into the bin that day

[Verse 2]

A                     Dm             G             G
Take a moment, take two days, take years
Indifference is a virtue 'mongst your peers
So happy, healthy, humble as we speak
The streets are filled with ordinary peeps..but the


Start of Guitarmony Solo (start with chords of chorus) 2:12

Guitar 1
e|-8h10p8h10p8h10p8h10p8h10s12\--(same but finish on 13)-----(fin on 15)-|

Guitar 2
b|-8h10p8h10p8h10p8h10p8h10-10\--(same but finish on 12)-----(fin on 13)-|

Guitar 3(?)

Guitar 1

Guitar 2

*could be played as FMaj7 (with 1st string open)
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