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Ball Park Music - A Good Life Is The Best Revenge chords

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A Good Life is the Best Revenge
Ball Park Music

Intro (from the nut not the capo)

e|-------------------------------|      |-------------8--|
B|----8------10b----10-8-8-8-8---|      |----8----10--8--|
G|----8------10b----10-8-8-9-9---|      |----8----10--9--|
D|-------------------------------|  x3  |-------------10-|
A|-6-----6/8---------------------|      |-6----6/8----10-|
E|----------------8--------------|      |-------------8--|

Capo 3 (transpose by 3 for chords without capo)

Intro:   C(2)  D(2)   A(4)

[Verse 1]
C    D      A
Hear me out your royal highness
C    D      A
I can kill them all with kindness
C    D      A
I won’t cause you any trouble
C    D      A
When you wake in the 
C    D      A(1)
Middle of the night

[Chorus] (play with riff at the bottom of this tab)

        C  D      A
A good life is the best revenge x3
        C  D   A
You can get


[Verse 2]
C    D   A
I will stroke my fleshy fingers
C    D   A
On this cardboard box of matches
     C    D   A
But I won’t cause you any trouble
          C           D      A(1)
When you wake in the middle of the night


[Solo]  C  D    A     x4

        G             D/F# 
I made plans with my firearms 
          F            C
and got quotes from a plague of rats
          G            D/F#
I wished harm with the holy ghost 
          F            E7
but I know that I will never get you back

[Intro]  with this riff

(from nut not from capo)

[Chorus] x2
(last chorus sounds A bit more C/G  D/F#   A/E)

For Tom and Geordie at Laugh and Learn
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