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Ball Park Music - Error Playin chords

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Error Playin’
Ball Park Music

(Capo 2 and transpose down 2 for an easier version)

[Intro] x2

  A            F#m          C#m           E
e|---------------------------------------------------------| **

[Verse] – {intro riff or chords}
A     F#m   C#m            E
Oh girl,    Your skin is all peachy
A     F#m   C#m            E
And you take me by surprise
A     F#m   C#m            E
In a lock of your golden hair
A     F#m   C#m            E
To the tips of your daddy long legs

Bm   F#m            D      A
You beat me in to sorry submission
Bm   F#m    D      A
Certified, I’m total crazy
Bm    F#m        D            A
As my eyes roll back into my yard
Bm                                   F#m              D      A
And I deliver little shivers with the tips of my fingers

[Verse 2]
A     F#m   C#m              E
Oh girl, we’re swimming in water
A     F#m   C#m               E
And your head, is the perfect shape
A     F#m   C#m                   E
We dine      on the shore of the earthquake
     A           F#m        C#m      E
The parsnip looks like a rat’s tail


[Solo over verse]

[Instrumental Chorus and fade]

Laugh and Learn Guitar

** Any help on the intro appreciated!
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