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Ballyhoo - Cali Girl chords

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The other tab was almost 100% correct, but it is missing the change in the second half 
of the chorus.
I tried to make a comment or message the previous author but I couldn't.

So anyways, here's the correct tab.

Verse: Ab, Fm, Cm, Eb
Bridge: Bbm, Eb
Chorus: Ab, C#, Ab, Eb
        Cm, C#, Ab, Eb

Just listen to the song for the rhythm

Started with an ordinary kiss
What she thought was permanent
was a momentary bliss
she wants to go to him but
no, she don't see no ring
'cause she knows she ain't got time
for that kind of thing

movin' on
what she said now
"miss her when she's gone"

she said she wants to go to california
that's what she wants the most
she don't need no discipline
she's leaving maryland
dreams are on the west coast

so she goes from momentary bliss
got to find something better than this
and even if she tries to change she'll be right
back here someday
'cause her heart and head don't ever feel the same
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