Band Of Horses - Compliments chords

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These are the chords for the song "compliments" off the great new Band of Horse cd 
"Infinite Arms".

Played with capo on 3rd fret:

Em                                         Am    D
I'm fixing a drink in the morning with the wavy jar
Em                          Am, D
You may have stayed too long
Em                                        Am       D
It's splitting apart at the seam from the hospital car
Em                      Am, D
You've known him so long

C                          G
If there's a God up in the air
C                    G
Someone looking over everyone
C                                G          D
At least you've got something to fall back on

Same chords for the remaining verses and chorus. You kind of have to play a bit to 
get the right pace, but it sounds pretty close when you do :)
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