Banks - Warm Water chords

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(P.S. for all the newbies out there play C chord twice as long as you would play Em or D.)

[Verse 1]

Em              D                      C
Looking you over and you don’t know my name yet
Em                         D                             C
But by the time you looked away, already knew I couldn't fake it
Em                      D             C
I got this need for you, forming in my beating heart
Em                       D                      C
I knew the meaning right away, we only yesterday were worlds apart


Em        D
I think I may love you
If you give me some time
Em           D           C
Maybe you'll love me too

[Verse 2]

Em                     D
I got this thing for you
If you come closer I can whisper in your ear
Em                    D
And if you wanna walk away
I'll tell you all the things I know you wanna hear


Em               D
I'll come closer to you
If you come over
I know we’ll go farther
Farther with you
With you I'm in warm water swimming down


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