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Barbies Cradle - Goodnyt chords

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by Barbie's Cradle
Tuning: eadgbe Capo 3
tagal ko na din hindi nakaka upload ng tabs. sorry kung may mali. :)

barbie also does a hammer on on the d string when she plays the C9 chord.... 

  D?/G    D?    C9    Em    D     Am    G     D5

intro:  D?/G D? C9 
Em    D             C9     
Good evening to the sun 
Em      D           C9
Might I be the only one 
Em                 D            Am
Who sleeps through melodies of morning 
G          C9  D5 C9
while they wake

Em     D           C9 
This chirping lullaby 
Em        D                C9
Brings my little dreams to life 
Em     D        Am     G    C9  
In my sanctuary I become a child 

      G            D
So goodbye to the sun 
    Am   C9
      G          D             Am
All pain will be gone for a while 
C9           D
A while, goodnight

Breakdown(scat singing):
C9 Em Am Em C9 Em Am C9

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