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Barbies Cradle - Goodnyt tab

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This by far the best Version!


    A#  F    Eb    Cm      Gm    Dm      Eb5   


Strum A# just once quietly

Intro: A#  F  Eb


Gm        F          Eb
  Good evening to the sun 
Gm        F           Eb
  Might I be the only one 
Gm         F                     Cm
  Who sleeps through melodies of morning 
Dm             Eb   Eb5  Eb
  while they wake

Gm       F           Eb
  This chirping lullaby 

Gm        F                  Eb
  Brings my little dreams to life 

Gm      F        Cm   Dm    Eb
 In my sanctuary I become a child 


     A#           F
So goodbye to the sun 

    Cm    Eb

      A#         F              Cm
All pain will be gone for a while 

 Eb      F
A while, goodnight

Breakdown(scat singing):

Eb F  Cm Dm Eb F  Cm  F

end the song With a A# Tremolo
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