Barcelona - Time To Mend chords

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**The Band plays this song nice and slow - don't rush it!!**
**Also people who have put this chorded this song before me on ultimate guitar and think 
they know the chords - holy crap you need some ear training it is pathetic how bad you 
are at picking out chords ahah...

**CAPO 4**

Am   Em       Dm       Am
Lock down and close it fast
F                    C    F             C
You're done with the day, done with the day
Am   Em        Dm      Am
Don't speak so I won't laugh
F                    C
I know what you'll say
F               C
I hear what you say
Dm     Am    F     Dm     Am      F
Please be my love, please hold me love

You keep it all choked up
It can't get away, can't get away
Details impressive dove
It's full of decay, it's full of decay

Dm      Am       F     Dm      Am      F
Give it space my love, give it time my love

      C      Em
Oh oh listen hear me.
Am             F
I won't be too far
C       Em
honest, trust me,
Am            F
I've been you before

This world is all turned around
We're caught in this place, stalled in this place
Don't let it kill you now
We're not here to stay, we're not here to stay
Well close your eyes my love and let it rise my love

Oh oh listen and hear me 'cause I won't be too far.
Honest, trust me, 'cause I've been you before

It's not the end, 'cause you still have time to mend
It's not the end, 'cause you still have time
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