Bargain Music - Black Eye Acoustic tab

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*I play this song in a different key than the studio version because it fits my
vocal range better, plus you can use only open chords and it sounds pretty good* 

By Bargain Music

C                        G
Coffee at seven and then I'm at work by nine
         F                                       C
I always thought the carefree style would be the way I live my life
C                     G
Trippin' on 1992 when all you did was smile
             F                                    C
I guess that that's what was on my mind the day I asked you to be my wife

C                      G
Oh  Ooh  Why you wanna give me a black eye?
            F                                           C
I'm not the best man in this world but I'm the best one for you

(C G F C repeats for remainder of song)

Have Fun,
Jah-loha Jeremy
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