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Bark Psychosis - Burning The City chords

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                 BURNING THE CITY : Bark Psychosis
Tabbed by: lifer

Tuning: standard

    Fadd9 Am7 D7sus4 Fmaj7 Am   D9

The opening chord is D7sus4, then the strumming starts with Am7 and then goes into this 
descending pattern:

Fadd9 Am7 D7sus4

The last chord you play before the singing comes in should be D7sus4, then the song 
follows this similar descending pattern:

Fmaj7 Am D9

If played correctly, the chord you fade out on should be Am

Then at about 3:25 start strumming Fmaj7 and continue until 3:47 where you go back to 
the descending pattern above, except that you hold the D9 for 2 measures instead of one. 
Hope that makes sense.
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