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Barlow Girl - Tears Fall chords

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C               Dm               Bdim
I have had the same dream many times
It haunts my mind
Its starts with a life
       Bdim        C
But it ends every time
             Dm              Bdim
Oh, so many faces that this world 
Will never see
A reason for you life
         Bdim              C
But your heart will never beat

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         F G       C E
May our tears fall down
         F  G         C E
May they soften this ground
         F  G     C E
May our hearts be found
        F G     C E
God, forgive us now


C                 Dm             Bdim
Oh, what have we lost because we chose
We'll never know
                    Dm           Bdim   C
And loving you is better than feeling alone
And all our claims to freedom
      Bdim                C  
Have become these heavy chains
And in the name of rights
         Bdim             C
We keep filling nameless graves

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