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Barlow Girl - Never Alone chords

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song: never alone
artist: barlow girl
tuning: standard

the first verse is piano. guitars dont start up until after the chorus.

after the chorus/the main solo:

g|--------------------------------------------------| x2


*the first three notes of the chords are palm muted.*

     E          C        G     A
And though I cannot see You
       E        C     G     A
And I cant explain why
         E      C      G      A
Such a deep deep reassurance
         E     C      G  A
You've placed in my life Ohhhh

We cannot seperate
Cause You're part of me
And though You're invisible
       G        A
I'll trust the unseen

E     C        G     D
I cry out with no reply and
E       C       G     A
I cant feel you by my side so
E          C        G      D
I'll hold tight to what I know
You're here
         C     D
And I'm never alone

(main solo)

bridge is piano


main solo

the end.

thanks for reading! this is my first tab on this account but my third tab altogether. my 
tabs: Never let me go ver.2 by Family force 5 and Drama queen ver.3 by family force 5 
free to comment and rate :D <3 jessica
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